Virgnia Parsons

Virginia Lucinda Parsons was born 18 April 1874, possibly in Virginia. Her short life was marked by multiple tragedies.

Her mother, Lucinda Bishop, died eight weeks after Virginia was born. Virginia's older sister Mary Minerva Parsons died a month before Virginia was born.

Virginia's father James Monroe Parsons died 2 May 1877. This left Virginia as the youngest of the orphans, at least five to seven ranging in age from 3 to 19. I'm not sure how many families Virginia lived with while growing up, but she is found in the 1880 census living with a John P. Zion at Rocky Station, Lee county, Virginia. According to the information that I have found John Zion is a second cousin to Virginia.

Virginia married John Calvin Cox 31 Jan 1892 in Knox County, Tennessee. John worked on multiple railroads in different states. This lead the family to move where work was available.

John and Virginia started a family fairly young. Emmet Cox was born in Oct 1892 when John was 20 and Virginia was 18. Considering the times this was fairly normal ages to have the first child.

Some time between late1898 and 1903 the family moved to Oklahoma where Boneta (my grandmother) was born in Madill which was still part of the Chickasaw Nation at that time.

Virginia died 28 Feb 1905 in Oakland, Marshall County, Oklahoma of complications of lung trouble and pneumonia. She had contracted a fever and struggled for four days before dying.

Her death left John with four children, 3 boys and 1 girl, with the youngest being just under 18 months old. John wrote a letter to Virginia's sister Phoebe Graham telling her of Virginia's death and his feelings.

Letter from John Cox to Phoebe Graham Relationship chart for Virginia Parsons and John Zion
Picture of Parents & children 1899 Picture of Children 1904