War Between the States

Direct Line Ancestors

William Alfred Slover

William Alfred Slover -served in Co. B., Griffin's Battalion, Infantry. Private William A. Slover is shown in Houston, Texas according to Capt. McReynolds. This shows William as 18 years old and his muster in to date March 31, 1862. He had pneumonia and was in Houston General Hospital in 1862. He is also shown as sick and in Parker County on sick leave since Sept. 1, 1862. At one point he was paid $50.00, and is show present in Houston from Feb 28, 1863 to June 30, 1863. It appears that he returned from Parker County in March of 1864 and is at Ft. Manhassett in September 1864.

From the Texas Handbook on-line: Griffin's Battalion, Texas Infantry (Griffin's Regiment) (21st Infantry) Griffin's Infantry Battalion was assembled during the early summer of 1862 with six companies. The unit served in the Trans-Mississippi Department along the Texas coast and at Galveston, then in November, 1864, merged into the 21st Texas Infantry Regiment. The field officers were Lieutenant Colonel William H. Griffin and Major H. A. Hamner. National Archive records show W. A. Slover serving in Co. C , 21 Texas Infantry (Spaight's regiment). This also shows this company formed by the consolidation of four companies of Griffin's Battalion Texas Infantry with six companies of the 11th Battalion Texas Infantry. He is shown as a Private - card numbers 50706730 and as a Reg't Teamster on the regimental return for the month of January 1865. This company was formed November 20, 1864. 2nd great grandparent of Sammy Williams.

Fort Manhassett

Fort Manhassett was a quickly built earthen fort located at a point six and one-half miles southwest of Sabine Pass, Texas, on what is now the beach road to Sea Rim State Park. The fort was used to protect the Texas coast from Union invasion. A more complete story is located at: http://www.wtblock.com/wtblockjr/fort1.htm

Mathias Sweazea

Mathias Sweazea served in the Civil War as a Pvt. in Co. E, 3rd Regiment at Camp Wigfall TX--Shelby county says Third TX --confederate State Army off and on. 3rd great grandparent of Sammy Williams.

Samuel R. Windham

Samuel R. Windham, age 19, enrolled in the Confederate Army on October 22, 1861 in Crockett, near San Antonio, Texas. He served in Company D, 7th Texas Calvary as a Private. He was listed as serving in Company I, of the 4th Texas Calvary, Sibley's Brigade. The troop was also known as 4th Calvary Mounted Volunteers. Records of the Confederate Soldiers who served in organizations from the State of Texas remark that: ......Sam's horse was killed at Valverde, and Sam was left sick at a hospital in Sante Fe. Records show he left the Sante Fe hospital nearly one year later, on September 17th, 1862. While hospitalized, he became a Prisoner of War when his Troops were captured in New Mexico, and he was held from May 1862 through September 1862. 2nd great grandparent of Sammy Williams.

An interesting side note is the following quote.

"There is one confirmed instance where lances were used in the war. During the February 21, 1862, battle of Valverde, New Mexico, a group of lance-wielding Texans charged the Federal lines with little effect." This is probably the last time that lances were used by any military force connected with the United States.

The History Buff's Guide to the Civil War
by Thomas, R. Flagel
Page 108
Published 2003, Cumberland House Publishing,
431 Harding Industrial Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Jabez Henson Floyd

Jabez Henson Floyd mustered out as Sergeant in Company E 6th Calvary Georgia April 30, 1863. Enlisted Summersville Ga. under Capt. Harlow. Made his mark for pay and for use & risk of horse. 40 cts per day for 120 days. 2nd great grandparent of Sammy Williams.

Collateral Line Ancestors

Josina Madison Choate , born 10 Nov in York Co S.C. - died 19 April 1870. He was a 1st Sergeant in Co. B 13 N.C. infantry. 4th cousin 4 times removed of Sammy Williams.

Augustine David Choate was born in 1834. He was killed in the Civil War. 4th cousin 4 times removed of Sammy Williams.

Robert Walker Choate was born in 1838. He was killed in the Civil War. 4th cousin 4 times removed of Sammy Williams.

John A Choate was born in 1846. He was killed in the Civil War. 4th cousin 4 times removed of Sammy Williams.

Sawell J. Choate bornn 1842 died 2 Jul 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. 3rd cousin 5 times removed of Sammy Williams.

William Thomas Choate, died at the battle of Cold Harbor-61st NC regiment 4 June 1864. 3rd cousin 5 times removed of Sammy Williams.

Confederate Jessie Eli Windham killed gun battle May 19, 1866 in Homer, Angelina Co., TX-just returned from war. 2nd great granduncle of Sammy Williams.

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