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Floyd and Slover photo gallery

Aubrey Floyd

Ina Floyd Slover and Rufus Slover

Unknown & Aubrey Floyd (R)

Children of Robert B. Floyd and Amandha Jane Windham
Sam Floyd, Maxine Floyd Bondham, Aubrey Floyd, Ina Floyd Slover, Robert (Ben) Floyd

In front of Amanda Jane Windham Floyd's house in Tahoka
L: Back: Jackie Slover, Steve Slover, Lewis Bonham
L:Front: Mabel Floyd, Marthie Slover Floyd, Maxine Floyd Bonham, (Ronnie Walters - child in front), Aubrey Floyd, Ina Slover , Sam Floyd, Robert Floyd

Sam Floyd & Marthie Slover Tahoka High School yearbook 1924

L: Sam Floyd, Marthie Floyd, Ina Slover and probably Lillie Dell Slover

L: Lillie dell Slover and Marthie Slover Floyd

L: Unidentified & Lillie Dell Slover

L: Lillie Dell Slover and Sam Floyd

Sam Floyd

Rufus Slover & Lamb

Rufus Slover & Horse

Aubrey Floyd

Dorothy Huspeth Floyd, Bob Floyd, Robert (Ben) Floyd

L: C.W. Slover, Ferbie Sweazea Slover & unidentified

C.W. Slover

Dottie Floyd--farm at Tahoka

L: John Curry, Dottie Floyd, Margie Curry, Shirley Floyd

L. Sam Floyd, Ina Floyd & Ben Floyd (possibly)

Rich and Georgie Slover Henderson

Ina Slover

Jabus H. Floyd and Matilda Garrett Floyd

Harlow Family 1906 (plaid dress Mary Ellen Floyd Harlow)

L.Back:Aubrey Floyd, Maxine Floyd, Rufus Slover

L Front: Mable Floyd,Sandra Jo Walters, Ina Floyd Slover, Marthie Slover Floyd, Sam Floyd

Marthie Slover

Marthie Slover (1924 Annual)

Wedding picture of Robert Floyd and Amanda Jane Windham married 5 Feb 1899.

Floyd family in Lynn County - probably taken in the spring or summer of 1935.

Sam Floyd 1924

Sam Floyd 1924

Sam Floyd (chief of police Lamesa)

Sam Floyd (Sheriff-Lynn Co)

Sam Floyd

L: Marthie Slover Floyd & Sam Floyd at home in Lubbock, Texas

Shirley and Dottie Floyd

William Alfred Slover and Louisa Paralee Shadle Slover

William Alfred Slover

William Alfred Slover and Louisa Paralee Shadle Slover

Leo Floyd & Robert Floyd Jr. about 1930