Letter from John Calvin Cox to his sister in law Pheobe Parsons Graham after the death of his wife Virginia Parsons.

I have attempted to transcribe the letter just as it was written. Sammy Williams

Madill 8/18 05 Mrs. Pheba Graham Dear Sister and faimley i will trie and Rite you the first time in life well Pheba i cant express mi feelings to nite no one to talk with but children Jinnie died Feb 28 and was Buried March 1 She sed she was gone to heavin and wanted us to meet her thear Pheba it was hard for me to give her up But god noes Best for us i Have 4 Children to Care for and no Realitevs hear Jinnie had lung trouble and Peneumonia She lived 4 days after she taken fever Pheba i had your Sister Put away nice She was a good women i Bought her a lot 20 feet square in madill Cemetery it was a Corner lot number 36 Jinnie wanted to Bee put away in white Pheba i ame to keep mi children mi self i have got a sweet little girl her is Bonnie 2 year old Emmett is 11 mervine 8 Deway 6 Pheba i mak good wages i am yard Foreman in madill i give Jinnie $103 Dolars last month i will Close for this time write soon from your Brother JC Cox
Letter from John Cox to Phoebe Graham Relationship chart for Virginia Parsons and John Zion
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