Untimely Deaths

Sweazea Line

There was three generation of Sweazea's that came to an untimely death.

Matthias Sweazea was killed in Shelby County, Texas in 1865 at age 42. A neighbor named Sapp gunned down Matthias from behind at the Sweazea horse ranch. This happened in front of two of Matthias' sons. Family lore says there was a possible disagreement on running the school.

Matthias had a son named James Franklin Sweazea that was killed 14 May 1923 in Crosbyton, Crosby, Texas. James was 73 when killed by a man named "Poppin" Payne on the courthouse steps in Crosbyton. Go to James' individual page for more detail on the shooting.

James had nine children of which three children met untimely deaths.

Claude Sweazea, age just under 24, was killed at Ranger Lake, NM on Oct 10, 1913. Ranger Lake was a small town north of Tatum, NM in Lea County. Today there is a body of water still named Ranger Lake. A man named McKnight shot and killed Claude. I currently have no additional information on this incident.

Ettie Sweazea, age just under 28, was killed 18 Sep 1911 in Montoya County, NM when a cow walked on top of the sod house she and her husband Frank Hunt lived in.

John Sweazea, age 33, was killed 10 Apr 1914 in Montoya County, NM. Frank Hunt shot John while John was driving a buggy back to his ranch after visiting his father James. It is surmised that Frank had caused the cow to walk on the sod roof causing his wife Ettie to be killed. His later moving in with John and his wife and John's wife taking up with Frank supports this theory. She and Frank later worked together to kill John for which there was a trial.

Floyd Line

Sam Henson Floyd died 2 Apr 1965 in Lubbock, Lubbock County, TX of a heart attack. He was 63 when he died.

Slover Line

Marthie Agnes Slover died 12 Nov 1972 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, TX of health problems connected to her colon. She was 67 when she died.

Parsons Line

The Parsons line was beset with early deaths for four generations. At least two generations died from disease or health problems. Currently I am unsure what Lucinda Bishop and James Parsons died from. But, with the death of a daughter in 1873, Lucinda's death and another daughter dying in 1874, and also with James death in 1877 I assume there were plagues or some other type of disease that caused the deaths.

Lucinda Bishop died on 16 Jun 1874 in, I believe, Virginia. She was 40 when she died. I am unsure what caused her death, but she died in June after delivering her 10th child (Virginia) in April. Possibly she died from childbirth complications.

James Monroe Parsons died on 2 May 1877 in ,I believe, Virginia. He was 47 when he died. He was preceded in death by his wife Lucinda Bishop and two daughters that had died. One daughter died in 1873 and the other died in 1874. James death left at least six children age 17 and younger.

Virginia Lucinda Parsons (daughter of Lucinda Bishop and James Monroe Parsons) died 28 Feb 1905 in Oakland, Marshall County, Oklahoma from pneumonia and other lung problems. She was 30 years old when she died and left four children to be cared for. See her daughter Boneta Cox.

Boneta Cox died 12 Nov 1958 in Amarillo, Potter County, TX, at age 55 from unspecified health problems. See her daughter Virginia Williams.

Williams Line

Jacob Henry Williams was killed while digging a water well in Georgia, when gases overcame him. He fell from a ladder while climbing out of the well and hit his head at the bottom of the well and died instantly.

Virginia Pauline Williams died 2 Sep 1964 in Dallas, Dallas County, TX, just under age 41 from unspecified health problems.

Cox Line

John Calvin Cox (father of Boneta Cox) died on 1 Aug 1928 in Ranger, Eastland County, TX. John was 30 days away from turning 56 when he died. The death certificate states "cause of death as Eplithelomia of the left ear". Eplithelomia was a term for cancer. John worked on the railroad and regular and long exposure to the sun probably caused the cancer. John's obituary states "J.C. Cox, 56 years old, died at a local hospital last night after an illness that has extended over a period of eight months."