18. Phillip R MCGILL was born on 30 Mar 1852 in Georgia. He died about 1910 in Oakland, Marshall, Oklahoma. Buried on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma near Madill in a cemetery in Clift, Oklahoma. He was married to Martha A. C. Adkins.

19. Martha A. C. Adkins was born on 18 Sep 1850 in Geogia. She died on 26 Mar 1912 in Madill, Chickasaw Nation, OK, USA. Buried outside Madill, Oklahoma at Sterling or Oakland Cemetery at B1, Lot 11, East half.

"Martha is said by several of her children to be almost full blood Indian. If correct it would more than likely by Cherokee blood as we are told that she adamantly refused to go on the Indian rolls and that she and husband Philip were run out of Georgia. This is strange because the Trail of Tears march of the Cherokees was many years earlier that when they appear to have left Georgia." Bill. B. De Geer Children were:

child i. William R. MCGILL was born on 16 Jul 1873 in Rock Springs, Georgia, USA. He died in Apr 1962 in Tulsa, OK. Left home at Rock Springs, GA, at age 14 and never returned there.

W. R. McGill and his wife Dora Alice McCandless, lived with victor De Geer family nearly all of W. R. 's adult life until he died. W. R. told Bill B. De Geer (a grandson) "that his father Phillip R., and a brother whose name I do not remember married two sisters in Georgia. I was quite young at the time and as a child did not retain or hear much more about Phillip but do recall my grandfather's saying when he W. R. was a young boy he could look out from where they lived and see Lookout Mountain in Georgia."
child9 ii. Marinda Elizabeth Victoria MCGILL.
child iii. James R. MCGILL was born on 18 Jan 1877 in Rock Springs, Georgia, USA. He died in Madill, Chickasaw Nation, OK, USA. J. R. "Uncle Jim" left home at age 17 and followed his brother William r. McGill t Texas. he obtained a job just outside Dennison, Texas doing ranch work. he moved to Oakland, Oklahoma prior to statehood.
child iv. John MCGILL was born on 20 Apr 1880 in Rock Springs, Georgia, USA. He died about 1960 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Employed by ron's Service Station until retirement. Married, no children. Lived in Antlers, Oklahoma until death, Buried there.
child v. Frank MCGILL was born on 19 May 1885. He died about 1960. Frank was a cowboy who never married. He worked almost his entire life for the Coldwater Cattle Company in Amarillo, Texas. He is buried in a cemetery there.
child vi. Oscar MCGILL was born on 13 Apr 1887 in Rock Springs, Georgia, USA. Moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Name of wife unkonw. Had 1 boy who moved to California and was principal of school there. After retirement the boy moved to Yuma, Arizona and is buried there.
child vii. Mary MCGILL (Private).
child viii. C. Columbus MCGILL was born on 22 Sep 1893 in Rock Springs, Georgia, USA. He died about 1960. Known to relative as "Uncle Lum". He was a drifter and down-and-outer. Close relatives stated he killed a man and served time in the penitentiary. He was apparently released inasmuch as he visited several relatives afterwards, especially in Oklahoma usually looking for a hand-out. He drifted from state to state rather aimlessly and spent considerable time in veteran hospitals as a veteran of WW1.
child ix. Mame MCGILL (Private).